An Evening with Legends

Despite, but more likely because of, Bernstein and Woodward’s decades in the industry they weren’t tired or dated, but they have one nostalgic eye on the past as they follow tweets, scroll social media, and critique 24-hour news panels, which they themselves frequent. However, the recognition of a need for change and improvement was present behind everything they said. Continue reading An Evening with Legends


Lincoln in the Bardo: Suffering and Redemption in a Graveyard

The format is similar to a play, except the speaker’s identity is only revealed after they have spoken, which can lead to some page flipping.  Eventually, about 80 pages in, I found the rhythm and began to learn the different characters’ voices. Continue reading Lincoln in the Bardo: Suffering and Redemption in a Graveyard

The Rules Do Not Apply: Honest, Eloquent Simplicity

Levy must give up the idea of perfection and the modern feminist goal of being everything in life.  The characters in books we know and love have everything and do everything, but these are just characters.  What Levy permits herself to be and her readers to see is an actual person: flawed, basic, entitled, honest and real.  “Now admitting it seems like the obvious and essential work of growing up. Everybody doesn’t get everything: as natural and unavoidable as mortality.” Continue reading The Rules Do Not Apply: Honest, Eloquent Simplicity

On grief

Last Saturday, January 31, 2015, we lost Ferguson.  This post is not about sweet, cherished Ferguson.  This is about my sadness. It starts with a tightening swelling in the chest.  I can’t tell whether it is from blood swelling into the cardiac muscle or refusing to leave it.  (I now understand the phrase “heartbroken.”)  Next it moves to the extremities.  My fingertips tingle, immediately after giving way to an almost pleasant burning sensation in my palms and the arches of my feet.  Then it shifts back to my core.  I feel it simultaneously constricting my gut into a tilt-a-whirling cesspool and … Continue reading On grief