Packing and Driving

We packed and packed and packed on Friday.  I didn’t think I would make it through the day, but as you can tell. . .I did!  At first it was just Sidney, Moose, and me, carrying what seemed like millions of boxes.  But just when I thought we weren’t going to finish Lisa and Matt helped for the win!!  They gave us that last jolt of energy to get it done.  When the truck was about 75% full, I was positive everything wasn’t going to fit and my stomach started to churn.  But we managed to get everything stuffed (literally) inside!  And now a word for this post’s sponsor: Space Bags.  They are trully amazing, not only are we using them for the move, but we’ll only be working with ONE CLOSET once we get to Chicago, so they will be invaluable there!

6×2 bedroom closet

Space bag "pre-saving"


Space saved!

 As you can see from our advertising pictures the bag does what
it is supposed to.
After I thought we were through with the packing, I came back outside and the truck was open again!!  Moose was staring into the truck, and Sidney was inside the truck looking for his wallet!  He had dropped it in the loading.  We played a quick game of Marco Polo, and with the help of the iPhone’s flashlight he was able to find the wallet.  And make it back out of the truck safely!
Then we tucked in for the night in what I can only describe now as a mistake.  I thought it would be like camping, but neither Ferguson, Sidney, or I were comfortable all night long!
We were going to sleep in, but, of course, Ferguson wasn’t hip to that plan.  Also I was anxious, and ready to get up from the hard floor!  Then we made the final preparations for departure (jamming everything else into the truck.)  Then we made our final good-byes.  First we stopped at Deborah’s (mother-in-law.)  Then we hit I-44, stopped in Catoosa to see Anaya, my step-daughter, and then stopped in Joplin to see Dad and Jane for some Scholotzsky’s, and a slight detour through the tornado damage.
Uncomfortable sleeping situation

I thought I drove the massive Penske deftly, though some described it as “crazy”.  Nothing was hit though the “don’t-feel-asleep” line was crossed more than a few times, but only because the truck is soooooo big!  Ferguson got to spend most of the rise on Sidney’s lap, but was eventually too antsy for him (Sidney) to take anymore, and he was relegated to using the floor.  For the rest of the trip he silently tried to sneak on my lap, and get pity pets by placing his adorable little, bearded chin on my thigh.

Now, we’re in Godfrey (STL burb) with Mom, David, and Aunt Abi. It’s hard to tell if Ferguson is excited to see his aunt, but I know he’s happy to be off the road! 

Mostly they ignore each other until Abi tries to herd him
Leaving for the city tomorrow morning!

Inaugural Post


See you there in November, Obama!

At the advent of my adventure, I’ve decided to start a blog to record my move from my home red-state, where Personhood Bills pass with ease and increasing state income tax doesn’t seem like a a viable solution to budget shortfalls, but repealing it does, to the Great Windy City, the land of Rahm, “Chicago Style Politics”, not to mention pizza, and who could forget Blagojevich?  Also, I’m hoping we’ll get to see a certain someone at a celebration in Grant Park in November!


Navy Pier in Winter

After dreaming of moving to Chicago, for more than four years, Sidney and I are following our dreams!  (I promise future blog posts will be much less corny, but I have to explain our optimism, hope, bravery, and, even, naiveté in making this huge move!)


Jennifer and me at the top!

We rented our apartment sight unseen.  Seriously.  We saw some tiny thumbnails on Craig’s list, but the previous tenants’ crap was still there!  I just had a strong feeling this adorable Garden apartment was the place for us!

We chose the neighborhood as the most important factor.  We’re going to be living in Andersonville, which is an adorable Swedish neighborhood. We first became familiar with the new “hood” when visiting my brother in November of 2010, while I was in the city to climb the Willis Tower (formerly Sear’s Tower) with my climbing team, Vertical Adrenaline!


Living with gas fireplace


Amazing storage


Bonus points for anyone that can successfully identify what is behind the sink. . .chalkboard, dark window, who knows?

I’m attaching pictures that my lovely, local friend was able to snap this week of the new digs!  I’m more than excited about the kitchen storage.  I think this is the first time in my life when I will actually have space to keep all of my kitchen tools and appliances!!

I can’t say enough good things about Craig’s List.  We’ve sold lots of stuff, including our car!!  (Wow, the feeling of being debt-free is amazing.)  We found our apartment, and I have three interviews lined up next week, all from Craig’s List postings!  Of course, there has been some attempted scamming, like needing $250 to list the car to “potential buyers,” or needing me to go to a third-party site to have a credit check performed to be considered for a position.  But that’s to be expected, there’s just as many, if not more, legit posters!

We’re leaving town Saturday, and are planning a leisurely trip, by stopping at Mom’s for Saturday and Sunday night, and then waking early Monday morning to complete the final leg of the journey!  I’ll blog from the road, so stay tuned.


For the first time in his life, Ferguson will have a fenced in backyard!

For now please enjoy these musical stylings. . .this song happens to be my current ring tone!  Of course, I’ll change it when I get to Chicago, so I won’t be recognized as super-whack when my phone rings on the el!