Getting Settled In and Getting a Job

We made it!  Sorry for the as yet sporadic entries.  As soon as we get the Internet hooked up at home, I will make them much more frequent!

The new digs

We were pleasantly surprised with the design and layout of the new apartment.  The kitchen does fit all of my kitchen accessories, including some extras I picked up while we were in Godfrey.

Pretty cute bathroom, that’s a Van Gogh in the little frame

The shelves in the bathroom fit everything that used to fit in our linen closet and then some.  Since it’s the only room that I consider complete, it’s the only interior picture for now.

On Tuesday I had three interviews scheduled.  My first interview was with John and Tom at an apartment finding service.  After the interview was almost over, which was really an explanation of the job duties, they asked how my job search was proceeding.  I told them that this was in fact my first interview.  They looked at each other and said, “First and last!”  Then they wanted me to interview with corporate that afternoon.  I told them what times worked with the rest of my interviews, and told them I hoped to hear from them soon.  I did within an hour!  At that point I was on my way to a golf club in the suburbs.  Riding there, (thanks for all the amazing help, Mom!) I knew it wouldn’t be the job for me.  Then Butch, the interviewer, told me that the Metra (crappy suburb train) stop was two miles from the club.  I like to walk, but 4 miles a day regardless of the weather seems a bit extreme.  Plus I don’t think I want a job where I have to call rich people by their family names.  That really isn’t me.  The third interview of the day was scheduled for 3:30, I cancelled it because I decided no matter how much they paid me, I knew I wouldn’t be happy sorting mail and filing.  The corporate interview for apartment service, was bizarre, and I was a worried mess when I left.

The internet and phone service is spotty, at best, in our apartment.  Like I said above we have our internet and wireless modem on order, and in addition to that we ordered a booster called an AirRave from Sprint that should boost our signal at home.  In the meantime access is limited.

Ferguson and Sidney’s Limited Access
Can you see Sidney peeking through the window?

(As seen in the picture we haven’t found a way to provide Ferguson with window access. . .yet.  It might involve a ramp, but it will definitely involve some ingenuity.)

Tuesday night we finally got to meet the see-ster’s BF, Ross.  We really wanted to razz Ross; Sidney even planned to call him Russ repeatedly, but he was so nice and personable it would have been really difficult.  If he was nervous to meet our “intimidating” family, I didn’t notice at all.  We went (for the second night in a row) to Hamburger Mary’s.  (Look out Brownie’s, I think Sidney has found a new favorite restaurant!)

Mom, Sidney, Me, Russ (Ross), and Caitlin (Hamburger Mary in the back)

Meanwhile, as soon as I let me self stop obsessing about the apartment-service-interview-gone-wrong, I got a call on Wednesday afternoon offering me the position.  After a very brief discussion on compensation and benefits, I accepted.  They want to pay for me to go to school to get my Leasing License, in order to better serve the customers.  For example, when potential tenants call and ask about cabinets, without my license I could tell them the cabinets are “maple-colored”; with my license I could tell them the cabinets are “maple.”  (Weird licensing rules.)  I start training with the weekend staff on Saturday and Sunday, and train with corporate on Monday!

We went to dinner at a Mediterranean place on Clark, called Andie’s, to celebrate.  They had crab cakes on the menu, so you know I ordered those!  They had an Orzo-like pasta incorporated in the mix and were servced with polenta: Dee-lish.  For entrees, Sidney had the Salmon and Shrimp with garlic Mash, extremely tasty with a fresh oregano after-taste, and I had the Goat Cheese and Spinach ravioli with a dill cream sauce, and I added a skewer of shrimp.  It was creamy and amazing, the goat cheese melted in my mouth!  For dessert, Sidney accommodated my choco-craving and we had a chocolate peanut butter brownie.  On our way out a manager introduced himself and welcomed us to the neighborhood by giving us a free Baklava to go!  What a welcome!!

App- Crab Cakes
Salmon and Shrimp, with Garlic Mash
Goat Cheese and Spinach Ravioli with Shrimp Skewer
Peanut Butter Brownie









Sidney had an interview yesterday for a management position.  They liked him so much they want to see him again on Monday.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this will be a good fit for him!

Happy 173rd birthday Chicago!   Snow expected today, could be up to 4 inches!


5 thoughts on “Getting Settled In and Getting a Job

  1. I have so many thoughts about all of this!

    1) Sometimes I still can’t believe that you’re gone. I keep thinking when I visit Tulsa next we’ll hit up Desi or BroHou and then I remember that you are livin’ it up in the big city!
    2) Congrats on the job! I’m so excited for you and I can’t want to hear more about what you’ll be doing.
    3) Love the Ross/Russ reference. Seriously.
    4) I hope you are testing out lots of good places to eat for when I visit.
    5) Tell Sidney to kick ass in his interview on Monday!

    Miss you guys!


    1. 1) I didn’t get a chance to make it to Desi before we left! But I know we’ll find some great Indian food here!
      2) First day on the job, and the internet works well here. . .and other than lull times we are pretty busy, despite the fact that it is snowing!
      4) I totally am, and I know Hamburger Mary’s will be on the list!
      5) I already did. He came down with a cold last night, so he’s resting in bed today, and hopefully he’ll be back to 100% by Monday!!

      Miss you too! Can’t wait for May!


  2. Hi Liz and Sydney! I just stumbled on to your blog! Love all the details of your new life in Chicago. It’s sounds so great!!


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