No internet still. . .but having a great time!

My name is Liz, and I speak for me, Chicago has been treating me splendidly!

I had a wonderful day off yesterday, and as you can tell from my mad rhyming skills, Sidney and I went to see The Lorax last night. It was wonderful. I thought it might be boring or corny, but it definitely wasn’t boring. It was very funny and corny only in the best of ways! Before that we went to Evanston, because I just couldn’t stay away, and I wanted to introduce Sidney around the office. We also stopped by to see The Truffle Pig (Caitlin), and she took a break from her studiousness to show us some very nice nudes she’s been working on lately.
It was an amazing Chicago day, I think we brought the Spring with us from Oklahoma. It reached 67, and was sunny almost all day. Before we headed downtown to see the movie, I took Ferguson for his first (of many, I’m sure) trip to the lakeshore! He and I both loved it. He got sand in his nose and was extremely afraid, yet at the same time interested, in the waves! He got to chase some gulls and sniff some dog butts. So overall, a great time was had!

You can’t tell, but he’s smiling

On Friday, we went to a lovely restaurant with Libby and her boyfriend, Brandon, called Calo. I sampled the cheese ravioli, which is pretty standard for me. The sauce was tasty, and I loved the pasta itself. Sidney and Libby both got the Alfredo, and it was very creamy, but separated upon re-heating! Brandon got the gnocchi, which I think I will get next time. I tried a bite and it was creamy, but not too heavy and came with a variety of seafood. (Sorry no pictures!)
Work has been busy. I’ve been working with me new friend, Michele, on getting the place organized and in general cleaned-up. And we made some serious progress on Saturday, there were at least seven dumpster runs, which is always a good thing when cleaning!
I only have one apartment picture for this post. It’s of the nickle light fixture we bought for the kitchen. Big shout-out to Manny, maintenance expert, for helping us install it.

Lovely, modern kitchen fixture

I also have a picture of my view from the Howard train terminal where I switch from the Red line to the Purple line every morning. Please note the store “National Bag and Wig.” And the ubiquitous cop car. When Sidney and I came up on my day off, yesterday, we saw a real live hand-to-hand go down right there! Now that’s big city living.

Most interesting train wait, ever! Don’t get off the platform!

The grocery stores here have such a sad, depressing selection of produce, so I was extremely pleased to find this awesome local market, Edgewater Produce.  It’s the new go-to place for vegetable shopping.

Gorgeous eggplant in March
THE place to go for veggies!







After The Lorax last night, we stopped at Trader Joe’s, and bought the ingredients to a lovely Italian dinner, and of course a baguette. (I took this picture for my French buddies, Elaina, Sammi, and Claire!)

Here’s looking at vous!

More apartment pictures coming soon!


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