St Patty’s Day In the Best City

Imagine a world where there’s no phone service, no TV, and no internet, and no it’s not it Amish country.  This used to be me reality, but not anymore.  We are now living in the digital age, thanks to Sidney and stunning array of blinking equipment.

Blinky, blinky

We waited for AT&T’s Uverse for 16 days, then they told us that they would have to send a technician out at cost to us.  The same day I called Comcast and had internet hooked up within the day!

Now finally for St. Patty’s Day excitement!  We started the day with brunch with Libby and Brandon, and I baked Libby a cake.

We had green eggs and bacon, English muffins, and of course, cake!  Then we headed downtown to see the green river.  It was beautiful!

It doesn’t get more festive than this!

We caught the Redline to get downtown and it was the second busiest I’ve seen it.  (The only busier time was heading to Addison for the Cubbie’s game on our honeymoon from downtown.)

We got slightly separated from Sidney on the train, but I could still catch a glimpse of him through the masses.

Sidney Frank-o!

At every stop the    screams and shouts could be heard coming from the city.  It was madness.

After seeing the river,

Green on green on green

we were going to try to make the parade but gave  up our efforts and headed toward to the Navy Pier.  We refused to wait an hour for any food, so I waited in line for fifteen minutes to get a Cheezborger at the famous Billy Goat.

Sidney eating his Cheezborger

After that we trolled around the pier enjoying the unprecedented great weather!  We made it to the end of the pier and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the lake. It felt amazing!

Sidney, me, Libby, and Brandon loving the weather!!

Libby, amazingly enough, had never been on a boat tour.  Which I can’t say enough, is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the city!  We opted for the Lake Skyline tour, and had an amazing time despite the miscommunication about there being an on-board bar.

Lovely day!!


I still haven’t ridden that Ferris wheel! Maybe next weekend!
Skyline tour!

It was a great day downtown, then we headed to Ravenswood to go to an obviously busy, crowded, and hot Irish pub,O’shaughnessy’s.  But it was fun and I really felt like I was embracing the festivities of the holiday!

Then last night we met up with Sidney’s cousin to go to our usual haunt, Hamburger Mary’s.  I had the crab cake slider as usual, and Sidney had his usual The Black and Bleu Burger.  It was great catching up with Nehemiah, and we’ll look forward to seeing more of him soon!

It was a long, wonderful day!  And I made everyone thank us for bringing the warm, amazing spring up with us from Oklahoma!!

Sidney starts his new job tomorrow morning at 4:30AM!  Training is a crazy schedule, but it will be much more normal after the two-week training period!


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