Shopping and more food pictures!

I woke up this morning and did Pilates for the first time in month!  In two days we will have been here for our first full month.  And I think Ferguson has finally settled in.

Bear at rest.
Puppy sleeping.






Last Sunday we went to the dog beach.  Ferguson got to travel around in a pack, and make friends, and was much complimented by people!

Ferguson traveling in a pack
The natural dog way
Sand in the nose
My boys hanging out on the shore!

This is a quiet, foggy morning on one of our daily walks.  This is not stolen from the movie “Big” this is really what my neighborhood looks like!

Andersonville, quiet foggy morning.
Another morning walker










Sidney’s job is going really well!  He’s pretty much done with training, and is already starting to create a training program for the company since they don’t have one in place!  I switched my job over from a legal filing system to a letter-sized filing system this week!  It’s been quite the project, but I think it looks better and is a much better use of cabinet space.

Yesterday we went to Lakeview on a shopping extravaganza.  Lakeview is a lovely neighborhood, but a little commercial to live in, but a great place to spend a day or evening.

Lakeview – bustling part of town
Lovely flower shop in Lakeview

We went to World Market, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Aldi’s!  We were like pack mules by the time we got back to the Garden!!  That is never going to happen again.  My shoulders have never been so sore!!



We went to a new restaurant, Lady Gregory’s on Friday.  We had the crab cakes, which were very crabby and served with a lovely citrus sauce.  I had the ultimate Grilled cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup (which was the best I ever had!).  Sidney had the Fish and Chips.

Mucho crab!!
Fish and Chips

Amazing tomato soup with an acidic, citrus aftertaste!









The natives of this temperate region tell me the trees shouldn’t be flowering and budding, and that we shouldn’t see the lovely daisies and daffodils until May, I assure them that this perfectly normal for March.

Sunny morning at the Berwyn train platform

Chorus of Chicago

Tires in the puddles
Car breaks and bus hydraulics
Soft rumbles nearby


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