Ikea, Easter, Washrooms, and Finding the Perfect Pillow

Easter weekend mom was in town.  So, I forced her into chauffeur duty.  First stop: Gethsemane Gardens, the amazing nursery on Clark to start my herb garden.  They didn’t have everything (thai basil, Cuban cilantro, or peppers!) that I needed, but the rest will be in on May 1st (if you can believe that, Oklahoma friends.)  But I have a good start with two varieties of mint, (I’ll probably have to get more though), Dill, Basil, Citronella plant (to keep the bugs away), Rosemary, Thyme, and Greek Oregano.

Petite Herb Garden

Also we went to an old-timey fabric store in Evanston so Caitlin could buy some felt for a show she costumed-designed for, that we will be seeing on Saturday morning.  I had to take pictures because I didn’t think a place like this even existed anymore.  And the lady helping us was the epitome of the old-lady-who-works-in-a-fabric-shop.

Old lady with her shears
More Fabric

After that Caitlin, mom, and I drug Sidney with us to the Disney-World of all stores, Ikea.  It was insane, awesome, shocking, overwhelming, and probably 15 more adjectives.  I took few pictures, because I knew they wouldn’t be able to capture the grandeur that is Ikea, despite all of my prior political misgivings.  When you walk in the doors of Ikea, you are overwhelmed by the smell of baking cinnamon rolls, and the smell never really fades.  (We bought a six-pack on our way out.) I think the deal of the day, excluding something to be mentioned later, was the 19-piece-“tuperware” set for $2.99.












Easter Sunday we originally thought we would be very cosmopolitan and do brunch at one of the many places in Andersonville offering a special meal, but instead we decided to do a traditional-ish Easter dinner at home.  This was to accommodate everyone’s busy holiday schedule.  Russ had rehearsals, and Nehemiah was editing his first video.  We had ham, devilled eggs, potato salad, garden salad, and two desserts: brownies, and bread pudding made from the tantalizing Ikea Cinnamon Rolls.  The girls cooked together for the first time in a very long time!  Fun and education abounded.

Just us girls in our Easter finery
Cup Art on the way to work










One quick Chicago observation:  Everyone here refers to the restroom/bathroom as the “washroom.”  It’s pretty much a city-wide epidemic. . .it might even be a regional thing.  But I won’t conform!!  People here do find my “accent” endearing, and they love my use of “y’all,” which comes in extremely handy at my job because I’m always in need of the plural second person.

Now to the most important thing: my new pillow!!  I like down pillows, but usually find them to be overstuffed.  I don’t need a pillow to cause a crick in my neck.  So I got a goose down “Stomach Sleeper,” though I do not sleep on my stomach.  It’s transformed my sleep, and in a word is WONDERFUL.  And it was only $8.99!!

Of course the new pillow is in a satin, gold pillow case, and of course, Ferguson loves it

Last night, I had my new neighbor, Carolyn over for dinner.  I made pasta, and she’s a Masters student majoring in PoliSci, so we talked politics, watched American Idol, and talked politics of American Idol.  It was very fun and I look forward to more meals with her!


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